Deadpool line change

Warning: Very minor, early-movie spoiler follows.

Early in the movie, Colossus handcuffs Deadpool and is dragging him across the ground. He says "We're going to talk to Professor X." Deadpool then makes a smartass, fourth-wall-breaking comment.

I saw the movie twice -- on Thursday February 11th, and Friday, February 12th. At the two showings, there were two different lines.

On Thursday the line was (not sure about it exactly) something like: "Which one, the long-haired one or the one who looks like Picard?"

On Friday, the line was: "Which one, McAvoy or Stewart?"

Has anyone else noticed this? If not, which version did you see? Any idea why they changed it? Just weird, and I doubt very many people saw it both of those days...

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