SaltStack Tutorial

This is a bit of an unusual blog post in that the content isn't here, but on my GitHub account.

This is because I recently started using Salt and really love it. However, as a beginner, I had a lot of trouble and wasted a lot of time. I attribute most of my problems to the fact that Salt's documentation is a great reference, but extremely poor as a resource for a new user.

I gave a lightning talk on Salt recently, and multiple people in the audience expressed interest in a simple Salt project they could check out. In working on that, I ended up making an iterative tutorial. To follow along, read the first page (the "master" branch). Then read the second branch ("step_02"), and so on. There are only five pages to read.

Each branch (except "master") also contains a fully-functional set of Salt files that can be read and executed. The idea behind it is that I wanted to give the very basics of all the most important and useful things I knew about Salt. However, that would result in a large amount of config syntax that can easily be intimidating to a new user, defeating my purpose.

So, the branches bring the reader along, adding new things as they progress, without overwhelming with too much new information at any one time.

Please check it out and send me any feedback.

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